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August 07, 2007


David M.

Go Barry! So did you get bloodied trying for the ball?

I liked the video of the dogpile to get the ball. This big guy in an orange shirt jumps on top of the scrum and starts swimming across people to get into the action. It's lucky he wasn't wearing heels.

DaviD m.

Marty C

I was in Section 105, far away from the melee.


Barry was great. Regarding the guy who ended up with the ball. "I don't want the ball. It's his ball." I had just turned on the TV when I saw Bonds rounding third. I thought the pitcher tipping his hat to Barry was a nice gesture, too. You're right, Marty. It was great, even on TV.


Wow 756. Thank God the season's over. Isn't it?

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