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June 13, 2007



Nah, the mistake is overreacting to the Alfonzo injury. They have made a very good decision to carry only 2 Cs - with two other backup backups (Feliz, Frandsen). How often does that (Alfonzo in jured) happen? No enough to waste a player for a year having him sit because "possibly" the starter gets hurt.
The smart thing is what the Giants have been doing for at least 2 yrs, use the back up C as the #2, 3, or 4 pinch hitter (late in the game). If the statistically unlikely happesn (as it did Friday night), hell, go with Frandsen orn Feliz for a few innings.


Yeah, that struck me as odd. How often do you lose your second catcher? Once every five seasons or so? The odds are very long for it to happen again, so use your hitters.

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