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June 26, 2007



Man, where does all the hostility for Kline come from? He's not an all star and far from my favorite player, but he is certainly competent and not at all a bad call for that situation. And he's not even deserving of all the blame there. It certainly was not two "seeds." First guy singles, Schierholtz misplays the ball then fails to hustle after it, allowing Cruz to take 2nd. Next hitter hits a long fly ball that should have been easily caught. Instead of running back hard on the ball, Randy Winn lopes after it (having misread the ball), and misses what should have been a fairly easy catch. Instead of man on first, one out, now there are men on 2nd and 3d, no outs.
For the season, Kline has been pretty effective. In April his ERA was 3.38. The runs last night were the first runs he's given up in June (his June ERA is still just 1.59). May wasn't so good, but his numbers were skewed by the bad outing against Oakland where he loaded the bases then gave up the slam to Ellis. He had one other bad outing in June where he gave up an ER without getting an out, when Hennessey melted down and gave up Kline's run and a couple of his own. Last night is a good example of how his ERA gets inflated - he gets 2 ERs counted against him when one hitter really should have been retired and, if the defense had been better, they may have held them from scoring at all. So, his ERA goes from 3.60 to 4.50

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