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May 31, 2007



It sounds like the Marlins got a great deal. If Benitez stinks it up, they are only out a decent reliever and chump change. If he returns to form, they steal a guy with almost 300 career saves. This article wonders if 300 is enough for the Hall of Fame: http://thenewsroom.com/details/331237?c_id=bh


I think Sabean's comments effectively blaming the fans for Benitez's performance see him blast into new territory when it comes to the length a GM will go to cover his own ass.
What was it about Benitez's track record before coming to SF that lead Sabean to think he was getting a stable closer who could handle pressure? Was it game 2 of 1997 ALCS when AB flushed a 2 run Baltimore lead by walking two in the eight before serving up a 3 run run dinger to Marquis Grissom? Maybe it was four games later, when AB followed up two unhittable fastballs by dropping an inexplicable 0-2 changeup over the plate to gift an 11th inning solo shot to Tony Fernandez (TF's only HR of the season), toasting a 0-0 game?
There's so much more, but tackling AB's meltdowns chronologically will take too long when you can skip right to the highlights. Here's ESPN's list of the greatest a/o 2003. Impressive but not definitive. That it could leave off the 1998 Yankees-Orioles stem to stern brawl AB lit after blowing a 4 run lead suggests there's just too much material to work with.


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