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May 21, 2006



Well, I think it was worth the wait. Not only was I there in Oakland, but I was there with my Dad. 714 was THE one I wanted to see - it had huge sentimental meaning. Cried like a baby.


And the Twins' normally stout bullpen blows Boof's big day! I'd forgotten they got Liriano out of the Pierzynski trade. But that's baseball. One day you're Terry Ryan putting the rouge on the Giants, the next you're ... Terry Ryan, looking at Rondell White's .182.
It's great how relaxed Barry seems. It's like he knows he's not catching Aaron and that's OK with him. I'd almost like to see him hit another home run and go Crash Davis. "I hit my dinger and hung it up."


Yeah, part of me would like to see him hit 715 and hang 'em up. Another part of me wants him to play frist base so I don't have to see Jose Vizcaino there.


And I'd like to see him DH for the Twins next year. Trade ya Brad Radke and Rondell White for him. Hell, I'll even through in Tony Batista and the rest of the left-side infielders on the roster. Obviously just kidding. But that's a pretty good idea, Marty. I watched Barry the other day. Ball got past him and he can't /didn't even run. How the heck are they trotting him out in left (most) every day? It's sad, man. He can't hit. He can't or doesn't want to play the outfield. The best player of the past 15 years has been reduced to a side show. You'd think The Godfather would take him aside and clue him in. "Don't embarrass yourself like I did, kid. You already hung on one year too long. Don't make it worse."

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