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December 12, 2005



this is from t.j. siemers of the l.a. times. it ought to make giants' fans smile:

The Dodgers signed former Red Sox and former Giant Bill Mueller, making him the perfect player for the Boston Parking Lot Attendant and the new GM from San Francisco.

As for Dodger fans, they get a third baseman with a career batting average of .157 in Dodger Stadium. Sound familiar? The Dodgers signed shortstop Rafael Furcal last week, who also has a .157 batting average in Dodger Stadium.

Throw in Sandy Alomar Jr., and the Dodgers' off-season acquisitions collectively have 26 hits in 162 at-bats in Dodger Stadium with no home runs, three runs batted in and 22 strikeouts.

Nice to know they will fit right into the Dodger lineup that we've become accustomed to watching.

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