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October 19, 2005



My opinion about Linden:

Sabean and Alou's "lack of patience" with Linden is precisely the problem. It looked to me like he was pressing up there. If they gave him 300 AB to stretch out, I think that many things would work themselves out. To say that they "are losing patience with" him seems so arrogant and ass-backwards to me.

Also, F Alou batted a healthy .286 career, with a nice 48 XB/162 G, but only 5.07/RC 27O career, because he only walked 33 BB/162 G. So he needs to shut up. Maybe Larry Kruger's comments bugged him so much because he was a prototypical slop hacker.

El Lefty Malo

I agree to some extent with Felipe on this one. I watched a lot of Linden this year, and he often took good pitches and chased bad pitches. Being aggressive doesn't mean hacking, necessarily -- it means being ready to pull the trigger when a good pitch comes along. And his swing is too long -- the whole bit about getting it flatter is spot-on. Give the Giants and/or Linden credit for identifying that problem.

As for the management's public comments about Linden, let's also consider the possibility that Linden is the type who needs motivation in the form of a kick in the ass, not a pat on the back.


Lefty, you couldn't be more right. Linden has a false sense of entitlement, and there's nothing more detrimental to a prospect than that. The sooner the Giants beat that out of him, the sooner he'll actually succeed at the big league level. Too bad he's out of options next year (I think) so he'll probably start slugging somewhere else.


Heh, Kintetsu. I've had the same feeling about Linden, though it's nothing more than that. What I sense is that the guy has had no trouble dominating wherever he's played and has never had to make adjustments. He's got to now, and I think it's great that he recognizes it. Now if he'd work on that fly-catching thing.

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