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September 28, 2004



Clint Hurdle must die ... how do you leave Chacon in to walk FOUR hitters in the 9th inning of a 4-run game???

The Rockies are unbelievable.


Good god. The Rockies.... it's like 1993 all over again.


From 1993 lay down v. the Braves to Neifi off Nen to the house of horrors that is Coors ... there is no team that has done more to single-handedly hurt the Giants than the @$&$!#^ Rockies.

Josh from Hollywood

I knew the Dodgers would come back to win that game. Chacon is a walking time bomb. When he loaded the bases against the Giants their last time into Coors and Grissom struck out on high fastballs, I wondered what would've happened if the Giants just made him throw strikes. Tonight we found out -- he won't. A strikeout followed by FOUR walks before he was yanked.

Last week when the Dodgers beat him in Coors it was on a another walk followed by a Shawn Green HR on an 0-2 fastball down the middle. So it looks like he has a pattern to saving games: walk guys until the winning run gets to the plate, then throw challenge fastballs. The sad part is it worked against the Giants.

The bad news is the Giants only real shot now is the wild card; the good news is they have a pretty decent shot at it. If they can just maintain this tie with Cubs for two more days they're competition level will even out this weekend when the Braves visit Wrigley.

Josh from Hollywood

Actually, I just saw that the Astros (only 1/2 game back of the wild card) play THE ROCKIES to end the season. Uh-oh.

Pete Koel

The Astros appear to have a huge edge in the schedule, but they are still dealing with the Cardinals right now...Although the Cardinals would appear to be motivated by setting themselves up for the post season and avoiding injuries rather than winning any games at this point.


It's just the Giants luck that not only do the Dodgers still get two more wins against the Rockies this season, but they then go to Houston to finish up for three. So, that means the Astros are at worst 3-1 to finish the season, and that assumes a loss to STL today. Giants would have to go 4-1 to hold off HOU in that scenario, 3-2 would result in a playoff. The Rockies will continue to haunt ... and haunt ... and haunt.


The Rockies are not a team we can depend on to be spoilers, for sure. However, we all need to remember that the Giants had their chance against the Rockies and blew it.

Nick Schulte

It just means that we've got to win four out of five and hope the Cubs, who've been doing everything possible to avoid extra games, lose one or two.

It can be done and we don't need much help. We just have to win and keep winning for the rest of the week.


How many chances does Shawn Chacon get? Shouldn't a shitty team like the Rockies be trying out new options? It's September 28th, how is a guy with a 7.11 ERA still the closer?

Nick Schulte

How is a guy with a 7.11 ERA and a 1.94 WHIP still on there team? I was surprised to find out that the Rockies have had a couple of guys actually pitch worse than Chacon this year. I know it's the Rockies and they play at Coors but 3 guys with 40 innings and ERAs over 7.00?

The Rockies do have three relievers with over 45 innings and ERAs under 4.70. And also a few more relievers who have been better than Chacon.

Is Clint Hurdle trying to lose or is he just the dumbest man alive? I'm very curious.


Have some faith, fellas. The Giants will run the table, the Rockies will beat the Dodgers at least once, the Cubs will choke and the Giants and Houston will make the playoffs. It's simple, really. Forget about last night, except the part where the Giants won. That's all that matters right now, anyway. Win the games you have, one by one, and you're in.


The Giants lost five of their last seven against the Rockies to finish 11-8 in the season series, in case anyone was curious.

Though I'll submit that if the Giants miss the playoffs, it won't be because they blew it. Since mid-August, they've finished awfully strong in spite of their shortcomings. Now if the Cubs fail to get in with all that pitching and power hitting ...

Mark in DC

I'll switch topics here. As Marty points out, the bullpen is a liability. But if we make the playoffs, could Woody be the answer?

Right now none of our relievers have the ERA that Nathan and Worrell had last year. Probably our best guy is Brewer; his ERA is 3.41 and he has allowed 123 walks and hits over 89 innings (I forget the acronomyms for this). Hermanson is probably our second best. We need another tough reliever, so what about Rueter? He blew away the Mets in Game 2 of the NLDS and the Angels in Game 7. Granted, this is a small sample size.

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