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September 30, 2004



Boy, the Rockies bullpen makes ours look dominant in comparision, eh?


But yeah, Williams looked great out there. He didn't seem to lose concentration even when the Padres handed us three runs in the fourth. It's hard to believe he's only 22, he sure doesn't pitch like it.


I'd like to submit that a Houston sweep is not automatic. The pitching matchups offer a glimmer of hope: Kennedy, Estes and Wright against Munro, Oswalt and Hernandez. (Clemens on short rest if necessary?)

And the Dodgers are not at full strength. No Bradley, Gagne's shoulder is about to explode, Saturday starter is Johnny Staffgame, Odalis goes on short rest if Sunday holds meaning. And I still believe Jim Tracy comes from the Terry Collins school of second-place managers.

Maybe it's the Trader Joe's $2 wine talking here, but I really, really think a sweep is plausible. Especially if they win Friday with Woody on the mound.


Just saw this in the AP Dodgers game story and had to pass it along:

"I want them to see us clinch," Gagne said of the Giants. "The good thing is that they're going to see us clinch against them. It's going to be amazing and a lot of fun -- especially for the fans, they'll be able to see us do it against the hated Giants."


Its nights like last night that get me feeling hopeful. I agree with kinetsu... if Reuter wins, the Giants have an above average chance.

Let's also not underestimate the possibility of Tracy being an idiot. He just may hold back O. Perez for the playoffs. If Perez pitches Sunday, against Schmidt, he won't be available until Game 3 of the playoffs, right? Tracy might want to hold Perez back so he can pitch twice in the Divisional series... assuming he makes it of course. I know its a long shot, but we could use a little luck (like stupid managerial mistakes).


BTW, the young Giants pitchers make me very hopeful for the future. The trifecta of Williams, Lowry, and Foppert is impressive enough... but I believe that Hennessey would make a serviceable 4th/5th starter. Not bad.

Finally, Hermanson is making me feel like we don't need to look for a closer next year. He's not automatic, but look how much automatic closers cost! He's got the guts and the attitude and multiple pitches... whereas Herges was a disaster waiting to happen. Herges has good stuff but, he never seemed comfortable on the mound.


Hey, the Rocks played tough against L.A. If their bullpen doesn't blow huge chunks, they might have swept that series.

I feel optimistic that they can take one or two games against Houston. I feel good about the Giants taking two of three against L.A. The Dodger look vulnerable right now.


Remember how Houston laid down against Milwaukee in the last weekend last season? It can happen again.....right?

Josh from Hollywood




I'll be at the game tonight, deep in the Heart of Darkness, adrift in that nauseating sea of blue, in The House That Offerman Built, rooting on Woody to a MUST WIN.

Losing is not an option!

There is no fallback position!

Ain't got time to bleed!

Go Giants! SWEEP LA!


Just so we don't forget, this has to be a four-game sweep. Sweep the first three to tie the division, playoff to win it. (Assuming a Houston sweep.)

Josh from Hollywood

See Marty, I don't think the Astros will sweep. So I think the Giants will win the division by tiebreaker with a three game sweep, or could win the wild card with 3-1 if that loss was to the Dodgers of course.

But even if the Astros DO sweep, a 3-game sweep by the Giants will at least give them TWO playoff games, both at HOME, with SF only having to win ONE. Granted, it might be Odalis and Clemens, but we'd have Lowry and Jerome, and that's still 4-1 to win it.


Just win, and it'll be fine. Can't ask for anything more.

Nick Schulte

Guess who lost again today? I'm just glad I'm not a Cubs fan.

I don't have a lot of confidence in Colorado beating Houston. Tonight's their best chance. They'll pitch Oswalt on Saturday and Clemens will go Sunday if they need the win.

But I guess none of that matters if we sweep the Dodgers (4 if necessary). Let's hope Woody can get that outside call tonight and we can get him some early runs.

Oh, and I forgot to chime in with how freakin' sweet Jerome Williams was. I've been a great mood all day.


Josh from Hollywood

Okay, I'm officially less confident that the Astros won't sweep the Rockies this weekend after watching the first 3 innings of their game tonight. The Rockies for the most part squandered SIX HITS and a walk, netting only one run thanks in part to bad baserunning, bad timing, and extraordinary good luck by the 'Stros (you know you're going well when your fielder boots a ball and it HELPS your team). Astros lead, 3-1.

The Astros starter, Pete Munro lasted all of 2.2 innings, but only the one run, so the Astros are in a good position to win for the second time in 8 days when their starter couldn't go 3 innings (the other was their painful defeat of the Giants, when Brandon Backe got similiarly cuffed around without significant damage).

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