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September 29, 2004



Are you kidding me? Joe Buck is horrible. He is the most biased, egotistic asshole in announcing. Just watch the 2005 NLCS and WS talk about bias. 2004 ALCS too. Wow the stupidity of these people to say he has no bias. He DOES show bias and tons of it. Some games he doesn't (ones he doesnt give a shit about), but if he himself has a favorite he shows it.....ALOT. Fuck you Joe Buck, you are a disgrace to your father.


Joe Buck is the only decent broadcaster on the air today. Why not spend time getting the mediocre voices such as the pompous Bob Costas and the ridiculous Linda Cohn off the air. And if announcers bug you, why not (a) take up broadcasting yourself or (b) turn off the sound and make your own calls!!


Wow, two years later and people still respond. The initial post was about something Buck wrote, even! Anyhow, Bob Costas hasn't called a baseball game this century I think and Linda Cohn (Linda Cohn?) is a script bot for ESPN. Thus neither should be compared to Buck. And Buck is fine as long as he's talking about the game and not acting like baseball fans are drooling morons. Sure, many are, but not all of them!


Wow, Right on that Joe Buck, we call him "Buckhead" is the worst announcer there ever was. He must get paid by the word because he never shuts up! I too mute him because we can't stand to hear his voice after a short time. I thought we were rid of him as a play-by-play announcer on Fox when we saw he was on the pre-game show, but no such luck. There he was back with Troy announcing the Fox game. He sure is riding on daddy's coattails. It's bad enough to have to listen to him announcing baseball, but football too! Go away Joe! Nancy & Alan


WOW you people are rediculas
Joe buck is the man, he plays the crowd perfectly and is way more interesting then troy

the fox pre game show has always been my favorite i wake up and can't wait for noon just for it to come on and kick off my football sunday and now that JB is gone and Joe Buck is in its just that much better, get rid of the boring guy and bring in the pro

when you get a job and barly hold on to it but because your dad is a legend thats called riding your daddy's coattail but when you have three emmy's and fox can't get enough of you now thats talent.
so for all you joe buck haters stop being jelous of him and enjoy him he's jake bucks gift for all of us to enjoy.

Pete Robertson

I have been in radio sports play by play for twenty years, and have listened and watched the best in the business. I am continually appalled by the inadequate (sp) and unintelligent job Joe Buck does when he is behind a microphone. Most generally, its worse than bad. We are a fraternity of professionals,and I am embarrassed when I hear him speak.


Joe Buck is the most biased sportscaster that I have EVER HEARD. Anyone who saw the 2002 NLCS can vouch. The over rated Cardinals were favored to beat the Giants, and Buck was stroking any Cardinal johnson that he could get his hands on. I have this moment on tape, and it is great: After Kenny Lofton got the game winning hit in the bottom of the 10th off of Steve Kline (ironically now a Giant), Joe Buck was on the verge of tears. He obviously thought that "Hey, my daddy died, so all of the other teams should just lay down and let us win." And then, to sign off after the fantastic and improbable Giants victory, Buck narrates a montage of his dead daddy!! What a bunch of cock suckery that was. The Cardinals are the worst chokes this side of the Cubbies, and Joe Buck deserved everything he got.

What is amazing to me is that an obvious Cardinals homer is allowed to broadcast games that St Louis is involved in!?! What the!!

Joe Buck, you are a cock sucking daddy's boy, who still has a hard on from when you asked for and received a hug from Mark McGwire...PATHETIC! You are not worht NOT ONE of your fathers pubic hairs, and you will burn in hell for all of your shameless self / Cardinals promotion. You are a NO TALENT ASS CLOWN, and I cannot wait to hear the crack in your voice when the Cards CHOKE AGAIN against the Tigers in the World Series this year. Your annual and disengenuous congrats to the the team that inevitably whoops that over rated asses of the Cardinals is becomeing a yearly right of passage. A sincere BUCK OFF, MOTHER BUCKER

Joe Buck Is the Reason People Commit Suicide

The World Series is just unwatchable, as is almost any baseball game on fox anymore. It seems like Joe Buck has no fucking idea as to what real commentary and insight is. The only reason this asshole is even on the air is because of his father's legacy. This World Series has made me sick having to hear a biased Buck sit in the booth and lick Albert Pujols's balls along with every other player on the Cardinals. What makes it worse is he enables another moron like Tim "I am the moron who thinks Barry Bonds is a greater pure hitter than Ted Williams" McCarver to continue with his meaningless comments. The fact that the FOX network is dumb enough to let two cleary talentless and biased announcers continue working the booth is a disgrace. If I have to hear another cock sucking pro-Cardinals comment, I might just eat a grenade tonight. And to the Buck Fan up above, your a moron! Joe Buck hasn't brought anything good to the table for baseball, and you probably being a Cardinals fan, have most likely never heard a good announcer and have just been force-fed shit your entire life.


fuck you all. joe buck is the man. he is doing a great job living out his father's legacy, and even surpasing it. you all are a bunch of yankee loving fags and you need to wake the fuck up and realize your team is shit. So what, Buck and his father commentated for the cardinals. i expected him to be way more biased than he was.
lastly, barry bonds is a cheating bitch and if you think any other way, you are ignorant.


Joe Buck sucks. He's a dork, a blowhard, annoying, boring, etc. Fox made a huge mistake when they let JB go to CBS.

Jason S.

Joe Buck sucks. I can't stand to listen to his monotone voice for longer than 5 minutes without putting the TV on mute. You can have a computer hooked up to a speech synthesizer to replace him.

Doug M

JOe Buck is possible the worst NFL commentator of all times


Joe Buck is nothing more than a network simpleton. A third rate announcer who could not get a job a cock fight caller in Mexico.


Hey I am a Cardinal fan and I hate Joe Buck! Seriously the man is an idiot. we mute the game turn the radio on and listen to a real announcer Mike Shannon. I can barely stomach him to listen to a real sports authority Troy Aikman talk about football. He had the balls to call HIM arrogant what an ignorant dirty vaginal bloodfart of a human being his mother expelled him outta her and regretted it ever since just like the rest of us Jack is ashamed. I know he is biased on the Cards but to be a dirty ass Eagle fan over America's team what a jerkoff keep ur opinions in ur ass where they belong with your gerbils u sick fuck!


Joe Buck gives regular rimjobs to Fox execs to stay on the air. It's the only way this simple minded prick can keep his job. I've only seen two worse announcers than him, but he's fast surpassing them.

And to the idiot who thinks Buck is more interesting than Aikman, jackass, Aikman's won 3 Super Bowls. He's forgotten more about football at this point than Buck will EVER learn. More interesting than Aikman? Get off the crack pipe.


Joe Buck is a hack. If your an announcer for Fox and one that is being heard across the country, you shouldn't let your bias show. He always does anytime the Cardinals are playing anyone. Any good announcer would just announce, but not Joe Buck.


After Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss simulated mooning the Green Bay crowd in the end zone, Buck called it a "disgusting act." The moon was allegedly an attempt to respond to Packer fans, who traditionally moon the Vikings players aboard the team bus, a fact of which Buck declined to tell.[4] McCombs asked FOX to prevent Buck from broadcasting other Viking playoff games, a request FOX denied. If it werent for his father getting him the cushy announcing position, Joe would likely be serving someone "Moons over Miami" right about now.


Joe Buck has to be the worst. He takes great, exciting moments in baseball and takes the color OUT of the moment. How many times have players hit big home-runs in the play-offs and he refuses to use the word "home-run". Damon's grand-slam in the 2004 ALCS did not get the "home-run" or "grand-slam" used. Last nights Phillies-Rays game: Utley hits a two-run blast and Buck's comments:"back to the track - and the Phillies are off to a good start." What the hell is that? Talk about taking the excitement out of the moment. The TBS announcers in the playoffs added much more enthusiasm and color. A great announcer will take an average game and make it sound exciting. A crappy announcer will take a great game and make it sound boring. Buck is definitely a crappy announcer.


if you want to enjoy a joe Buck game... turn volume down and radio up. If game not on radio.. slience is golden!!!!!!!!

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