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June 29, 2004



I agree, Lowry is really earning (well, has earned, but..) a rotation spot, at least on this team., Ewith all those strikeouts, I'd say his best pitch was the one to Lo Duca in the 6th. The guy has hammered his changeups a couple of times, both for outs, so must be expecting Lowry to start him with a fastball, but ends up popping up another changeup. Beautiful. And I still think it was a bad move to walk Bonds with two on and one out, even if it did work this time. (I think so enough to begin a sentence with 'and'. Ha.)

On an unrelated note, Jeff Weaver looks like someone (An actor I think), and it's been driving me crazy trying to think of who.


That really should read 'Even with all those strikeouts' but apparently I need to drink more coffee.

Brian G.

Here's a scoop for you that I swear is true -- Noah Lowry is on 'the clear'! How else to explain the guy who San Diego rocked for nine hits (with a bunch of rockets for outs) and four runs in three innings during that 11-0 loss in April suddenly tranforming into a pitcher who outpitches Pedro Martinez, then holds the Dodgers to two hits over seven innings?
Because the April game was so ugly that fans were evacuating early, I moved down from my seat in the upper deck to my friend's location behind home plate. Lowry was throwing pus. He was wishing the ball over the plate. He needed a strong gust of wind behind him to get his velocity up to 83 mph. Of his 50 pitches, barely half were strikes. He was horrid and looked scared. I remember thinking that outing would be his last in a Giants uniform. We felt sorry for him, being that overmatched.
Only two months later and he's given up two runs and seven hits in his last 12 2/3s IP vs. the mighty Red Sox and nowhere-near-as-mighty Dodgers? I say 'no way'! There must be some other, more insidious explanation besides "he's more confident"...what else could it be besides 'the clear'?

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