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July 26, 2006



Hey Marty!! Great to hear from you. Best of luck with the tournament, and thank you for not mentioning the closer-that-should-be-shot.


Can't sign in to Typepad, grr. Made day 2. 25k in chips.


Go Marty Go!!


I'll be pulling for you on Day 2.


OK, still no dice on the tyoepad connection here. I am 361st among the day 2 survivors, so I am at the top of page 19 in the Cardplayer.com report.

What you won't see is that I was down to 3550 chips at the beginning of level 5, with the blinds coming in two hands. Pushed all-in with QTs and got no callers. Two hands later the button raised my small blind when I held AJs. I pushed and the big blind sent a chill down my spine by saying "raise". Folded around, and he's got KK. Flop blanks and the turn brings the most beautiful ace I've ever seen. River has no king and I more than double up.

A few hands later I raise with AJs and get one caller near the button. I flop the nut flush and begin hoping he's got something, anything since he's got me covered. I check, he checks. Blank turn. Check check. River doesn't pair the board, so I have the absolute nuts. I bet about 2/3 the pot with $2,000. He raises to $5,000. I count out the amount with mty chips to make sure he sees that calling is nearly the same as an all-in (non-verbally, of course), then stack all my chips and pushh them in. He calls! Yay!

The rest I'll have to tell later.


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